I’ll take ‘Geography’ for $1000 please, Alex…

I had lunch with Keynote’s Director of International Development recently. In my 19-year I.T. career, I met a lot of cool people and worked in a lot of cool places and did a lot of cool things. But NEVER did anyone sit down at lunch with me and say “We’re putting together a team to send to Tajikistan to do some training, and we’d like you to be part of it”.

Keynote has a partnership with an organization in Tajikistan, and we have sent some of our staff there to help them understand how to do what Keynote does. We have provided training on how to share their faith with music, training on aspects of recording technology and even helped them build a studio. There is a band there now, doing outreaches the same way we do.

So, Keynote is sending a team again in Sepetmber to to do more training for more people. A trained and equipped band made of Tajik nationals can do outreach in that part of the world much more inconspicuously that a band of westerners could. So it’s a HUGE strategic investment of our efforts.

But… (and you knew there was one…), I can’t be part of the team if our monthly support is not raised by late July. That’s the go/no-go date, and we’re currently at about 90%. To complicate that, we are in Colorado for our staff conference and training most of July – so it’s hard to get any meaningful fund-raising done as busy as I am out there.

So there’s even more urgency for us to get our support development finished in the next 5 weeks.

As you’re reading this, please pray that God will show up in some HUGE ways as we work to finish our support, so that among other things, we can be part of the effort to take Christ to that part of the world.

And if you’re reading this and aren’t part of our financial support team, we’d be honored if you’d take a moment to ask God if you’re one of the ways He wants to show up in our work!


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  • Scott and Jennifer Naylor...

    I know. I’ll try to get some better ones up there from CSU soon.

    Try to keep things in line at BWCC until we get back in August. (I am guessing a there will be a lot of acoustic sets…)



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