I remember…

So earlier in October, while I was lifting something (using proper form and lifting with my legs and everything!), I heard a popping sound in my left elbow and my forearm fell to my side. After a visit to an orthological urgent care facility, an X-ray and an MRI (shown above), I now know that I ruptured my left distal bicep tendon.

(The arrows in the photo point to two white elongated blobs; those are the broken ends of the tendon that used to connect.)

I’ll miss playing guitar for a few events over the next few months, but I won’t lose any range of motion or capability in my arm. Long term, it will be a bit weaker, but I’ll still be able to play guitar and do pretty much everything I normally do now.

Except, I guess, lift things like I could when I was 25.
This aging stuff ain’t for the faint of heart.

Also in October, our team hosted two separate Worship Arts Training events; one in Indianapolis and one in Minneapolis. We trained around 80 students, and auditioned more than half of them for the worship teams that will lead at large student conferences in those cities in late December.

These weekend-long training events are one of the strongest ways that our team serves Cru’s Campus Ministry in their efforts to reach students and equip them as multiplying disciples.

Being around dozens of musically gifted students and training them is a great opportunity to pass along wisdom from our team’s numerous decades of experience. For many of them, these weekends end up being significant “light bulb” moments as they begin to understand how their talents and passions are connected to their calling, and how that might be pointing them to a career.

Aside from giving people a chance to hear about Jesus, helping students discern their vocation is the most significant thing I get to be part of.

I remember when I was like them…
Talented, but untrained.
Bold, but untested.
Visionary, but unable to focus.

And now, my expertise, experience and perspective are things that God uses to help launch them into His mission.

I wouldn’t be able to invest in students’ lives like this if it weren’t for your financial sacrifices and prayers. You’re just as much a part of making this possible as I am, and I’m grateful more than I could ever write for the chance to do my part in it.

Please pray…
…for my recovery! Right now, I have to rest my arm for 3-4 weeks. After that, it will likely take a good bit of PT to get back to playing as much as I’d like to, so I’d appreciate your prayers as I work through all of it!