I heard God say “Go…”

Normally in December, Cru hosts 7 regional Winter Conferences for college students, and I have served as the Music Director for the Indianapolis conference for the last handful of years. That involves assembling a band of students, selecting music, arranging it, running rehearsals and making sure all the musical elements of the conference are coordinated during the event.

Since we were unable to have in- person conferences this winter, Cru hosted one online conference for students on February 5th and 6th. Over 6200 college students (and over 8000 people total) participated online! My role was to produce the event’s live music, but it was a very different experience and looked more like a TV broadcast (pictured above) than an in-person event.

There were times for musical worship, speakers, topical breakout sessions for the students to attend, and an outreach training time. Even though the event was shorter and happened online, that did not change how God used the event in the lives of the students!

After the event, Cade (a sophomore at the University of Arkansas) told us: “Saturday night during one of the guest speaker’s talks, I heard an overwhelming voice (the type that makes you bow your head in wonder, sending chills throughout your body). I heard God say “Go…” It’s got something to do with me committing, not just my summer, but my life in service of the Great Commission. I have no earthly idea what that would look like, but I’m content with where God is leading despite the uncertainty.”

After learning how to disciple and mentor others to multiply his spiritual impact, Zeke, a freshman at Asbury University, challenged five Christian friends to grow in their faith together. They’ve already begun meeting to learn how they can share the good news of Jesus with others!

Despite the challenges of doing the conference online, it was a joy to be a part of an even bigger, more significant event than I normally would have.

Last month, I mentioned that we released a live album of music from the previous year’s in-person Winter Conferences – if you want to listen to that, go to https://ffm.to/cruworship and you can listen on the streaming platform of your choice.

Thanks, as always, for the sacrifices you make so that we can continue to use music to help people encounter Jesus. It’s a blessing to us, and we’re grateful.

Please pray…
…for all the students who are doing outreach and influencing their friends for Christ as a result of the online Winter Conference event. The two stories above are just the tip of the iceberg, and we’re praying the students continue to reach their friends for a lifetime!