I didn’t have COVID-19 last month… but I do now.

…but worry not; I’m on the backside of it and should be released from quarantine soon. In fact, unless things change in the next day or so, I should be able to emerge from quarantine on Good Friday.

That said, this is the first time in 12 days I’ve had the energy to sit down at a computer and spend any real time focusing. Updating Facebook a couple times was about as good as I could do to let people know. Jennifer has been busy taking care of me, and since I’ve been quarantined, both she and both our daughters are all OK so far.

Not everyone experiences COVID-19 with the same level of severity, but this thing really knocked me over. When it got into my lungs, it caused pneumonia and triggered my asthma, which involved a hospital visit for testing and treatment. I’m at home in quarantine now, and it has taken all of these last 12 days to recover, but thankfully, it’s coming to an end. During that time, I had some really sweet encounters with the Lord and his word, especially Psalm 40, Psalm 63, and Psalm 116. And people close to us from our church and other parts of our community were extremely helpful, so we felt God’s presence in many different ways.

And we’ve been praying for you! Even if you’re not sick, we know that EVERYONE is affected by this, and we’re praying you experience God’s supernatural presence and peace during this time – for your health, for your jobs, for your families, and in the communities you live and serve in. I know we’ve experienced people serving us in incredible ways and I’m praying you’re experiencing that kind of community too.

Next month, I hope to be able to share with you some of the ways that Cru is retooling to do ministry in these new situations, and share some of the sorts of projects we’re working on even while we’re in this temporary new ‘normal’.

Also, it is now one of my biggest goals to be able to write an update letter where I DIDN’T have to go to the hospital!

We love you guys and appreciate your prayers and support! Thanks for being in our corner during this strange, but hopefully temporary season!

Please pray
…that Jennifer, Rachel and Sarah will remain COVID-19 free. They were all exposed to me before I had symptoms and before I went into quarantine in our house. Since the incubation period takes so long, it’s possible that it hasn’t shown up yet, but we’re praying it passed them by completely.