How do you eat an (Indian) elephant?

One bite at a time, or so the parable goes – but you have to get yourself to India to do it.

Last fall, I went on tour in India with a rock band called The Gap Theory. We performed for thousands of people and shared the gospel, and several hundred indicated that they began a relationship with Christ.

India is 80% Hindu, 15% Muslim, and maybe 3% Christian, so there is a never-ending need for sharing the gospel. The ministries in India were so happy with our work that they have asked us to do it again – so we’re going back this September!

We are excited to go, but there is a TON to do.

There are Visas to apply for. Rehearsal plans to put together. We’re right in the middle of the Keynote Summer Project, and I’m helping out with that too, in a small way.

Flights to book. Communication to be managed with our concert hosts in India. Inoculations to get. Rehearsal facilities to schedule. Oh, yeah – and music! There’s music to learn, or write, or transcribe, and many other production elements to plan.

I love getting to do this stuff, because it means people are going to hear about Jesus. But at the moment, it feels like trying to eat an eleph… well, you get it.

And… our Indian friends are just as busy lining up things on their end!

So if you would, keep our tour preparations in your prayers. We want to serve well, and we are praying to see thousands of lives changed for eternity!