Horse troughs, public worship, and the March for a Million

Recently, I worked in partnership with friends at Two Eight Ministries (who I’ve mentioned before) and Multiply Indiana, a church planting movement, to provide music for an event called March for a Million. The event, hosted on Monument Circle at the heart of downtown Indianapolis, had over 1000 participants, representing 72 different churches, from 27 different counties of our state.

It was focused on Indiana churches committing to raising up one million disciples of Jesus, and the event involved people walking through downtown Indianapolis, praying with people and having a public worship service right on the steps of the monument in the evening.

My part was to play guitar in a worship team made of musicians from several different churches and music ministry organizations.

The photo above is my view from the stage. When I arrived, I noticed that off to the side of the stage, there was large tin water trough (the kind you see on a farm to water horses) that had been brought in for baptisms. And when I saw two people getting baptized during our sound check, I realized that it was going to be a special event!

14 people overall were baptized and countless decisions to follow Jesus were made throughout the city during the day.  And more importantly, a movement focused on making disciples gained momentum. (Note: The event had proper permits for the gathering, and we all observed distancing and mask guidelines and encouraged others to do so. Not everyone did, which you’ll see in the photo above. Since it was outside, the risks were lower, but the audience’s actions were out of our control.)

Anyway… over the years, as a musician and as a leader in our team, I’ve worked to develop relationships with other like-minded organizations (that focus on disciple-making and that use music as a ministry tool) and it’s been good to expand the influence and impact our team can have.

And evidently, that occasionally means getting to watch people get baptized in a horse trough while you sound check.

Just can’t make this stuff up.

Please pray…
Right now, Sarah is finishing up her junior year at Purdue and will quickly transition to her summer internship. Rachel is starting a seasonal job at a camp through the summer, so please pray for their transitions – we’re praying that both of these situations lead to meaningful long-term career options for them!