He’s the man, in Tajikistan

How do you like that for rhyming? Pretty lame I know but since Scott is gone that is the best I can do.

I wanted to post an update for any of you curious about his trip. All is well and he is knee deep in training with the Tajik nationals doing music over there. I am sure he will post more accurate details about his trip but for now his access to the internet is limited. We have been able to talk via Instant Message and by two phone calls. He tells me he has taken many pictures and is actually the videographer for the trip. I anticipate some cool shots on here when he returns.

Sorry this is so short. Hopefully we can post in more detail later!


One thought on “He’s the man, in Tajikistan

  • L. Dwayne Sudduth


    I hope the trip was successful and wonderful, and I hope you made it home ok. Rest up! God has more work for you, I’m sure!!!

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