Helping people worship at home…

When the county went into lock-down mode, it meant that our team had to cancel a lot of projects, and Cru (as a whole) restricted all but the most essential travel and converted many outreach and training events to online, screen-based experiences.

One of the ways our team stepped in to serve was to begin to produce worship video segments to be used in some of those online events. Like many churches have had to do, we began by having everyone record their musical part at home and they were mixed together.

The first of these ‘Worship at Home” events, shown in the picture above can be seen here:

At present, Cru’s facilities are still restricted in our area, so we cannot be together in the same space. As soon as that restriction lifts, we’ll begin producing these video worship sessions all together, and they can be used for Cru’s events, and anywhere else that may need them.

My part in the project was to produce the audio for the project. The musicians recorded themselves singing or playing, and then sent their audio recordings to me so that I could edit them together and mix them for the video. Someone else on our team did the same thing for the video, and then added the mixed audio to form the final product.

As much as I love playing guitar, it was even more rewarding (and challenging) to serve in this role. My work was not to create one specific part, but to mix them all together to form something meaningful, useful and beautiful. We’ve gotten good feedback from the Cru ministries that will use these, and we’re excited to keep producing more video worship segments. Even so, we’re prayerfully and hopefully looking towards the future and doing our ministry in person, just as soon as that can be done safely.

Our team has found ways to do meaningful work during this strange season, and I’m grateful for that. But we know many people’s home lives, health and careers have been extremely disrupted during this time and it’s not always easy to find the bright spots.

As always, please know we’re praying for you as well during this difficult time – we’re praying for your health and protection, and most of all, that you experience the presence and peace of Christ!

Please pray…
…for our team as we continue to do the work we can in this situation. Like everyone else, we want to be safe, but also want to get back out and do live, in-person music and ministry. But in the mean time, we don’t want to miss any of the opportunities that God places before us right where we are.