Good morning, Green Bay!

So, I’m sitting in a cafe in a suburb of Green Bay, WI drinking coffee, trying to wake up and blogging. Man, what did we do before the Internet?

Anyway, so far, our first tour has been playing to energetic college audiences and it’s been fun. For a chilled-out acoustic band, we have a big sound and it’s been fun to see people getting involved in the show with us. The groups bringing us in have expressed that it’s been great for them – it gives the local ministries a big boost in terms of visibility on campus.

If you have a moment, pray that the logisitics of our tours continue to work out well, and that we are able to keep up our energy level. Also, pray that God continues to use the message that I give (which is either a personal story, or a personal story and the gospel) to reach people. Obviously, it’s God’s Spirit that truly reaches into hearts, but I want to make my story and the gospel as ascessible as possible.

And, you know, it would also be great if I didn’t break any more strings. Because I’ve broken 2 in as many days, and that’s just a pain.