Getting into the game… and off the continent

We’ve been working with Keynote, the music and creative arts outreach of Campus Crusade for Christ, for about 4 years. I’ve contributed music and other work towards outreaches, conferences, recordings, etc. But it’s all been done from the sidelines. I worked on those projects while dividing my time between working my previous job, and working to raise the financial support required to work with Keynote full-time.

So the cool thing is that as of this weekend, we have enough monthly support pledged for us to take a full-time assignment. Which means I can get off the sidelines and into the game.

Getting into the game, at the moment, means preparing to go to Tajikistan in September. I had mentioned that as a possibility a while back – it’s on the books now. I’ll be gone September 13th through the 27th, and we’ll be training a team over there to do what Keynote does here. It’s a HUGE opportunity to multiply our impact.

Staying in the game will mean that the work of raising support never really ends. We understand that people have to leave our support team for various reasons, and we will continue to encounter opportunities for ministry that add to our financial needs (like going to Tajikistan…) that are too important to pass up. So our needs will continue to evolve and we’ll continue to trust God to meet them.

But, all that being said, this is a pretty cool moment. Our work in many ways is just beginning… but it’s nice to have passed a pretty significant milestone.

Of course, we acknowledge God’s amazing purposes and providence in all of this. And my guess is that if you’re reading this, you’ve been part of the team of folks that has supported us through prayer, giving or service. Thanks!