Fully recovered, pt. 2

Recently, our outreach band røsegøld (shown above) did a show at a facility called Camp Hunt, which is a residential recovery center run by Indianapolis-based Wheeler Mission. The band was invited to perform and share the gospel with the men living there, and among those in attendance was a man named John.

However, this wasn’t John’s first time seeing one of Cru’s outreach bands. When he first arrived at Camp Hunt a few years ago, he saw our band Anthem City, who also shared the gospel as part of their show there.

John told røsegøld’s bassist Chris (who has played bass with Anthem City) that he has always remembered the day they came. At a time when he felt like no one cared about him, God used that experience to give him hope.

It was a turning point in his recovery. You see, John had gone to Camp Hunt for help overcoming an addiction, and he completed their 8-month recovery program. After that, he enrolled in a second 8-month program that includes leadership responsibilities and discipleship training.

John told Chris that he was excited for the men in the program that day, assuring him that it would be an experience they would never forget. John certainly never has. And any time we’re able to help encourage someone struggling with addiction to go on to become a disciple-maker, well, that’s not a day we forget either!

Now, I am in the middle of running rehearsals and working with various team leaders to produce this year’s Anthem City Video Christmas Experience. Normally, the band would perform 18-20 shows at various prisons throughout Indiana, but Covid-19 restrictions are still making those events difficult (or impossible). However, since the video will be viewable by inmates throughout the Indiana correctional system, it will mean many more people will see it than could attend in-person concerts!

We’re also hoping to make the video available for public viewing on the Internet, but we have some legal hurdles to get over to get the proper licensing for some of the copyrighted songs. 

We consider it a privilege and a blessing to do the work we’re called to do, and as always, we’re grateful for the prayers and sacrifices you’re making that make it possible. Thanks!!

Please pray
…for us as we plan the details for the video shoot, which will happen in October. Aside from arranging music and running rehearsals, there are lots of details to work out to get it shot, edited and licensed before it can be released in time for Christmas viewing.