Fully recovered, pt. 1

After some downtime this summer, I am now fully recovered from my hernia surgery. It did mean about half my sabbatical was spent doing even LESS than I’d planned. But, I’m grateful to feel rested and recovered as we re-engage in ministry this fall. I’m still going easy on the heavy lifting, though.

During the summer, our team sent out a band called røsegøld to do some outreach concerts around here in central Indiana. Sadly, about half of the shows they had planned did not end up happening (thanks, Covid!) Despite that, some good life-change stories came from the ones that did. I’ll share more about that in next month’s update letter – Fully recovered, pt.2.

Early in August, our team was preparing to lead musical worship  in-person at a conference of soon-to-depart international missionaries in Orlando. But at the last minute, the conference was changed to a video-only event due to Covid-19 resurgence in Florida. So on a day’s notice, flights were cancelled and we regrouped to create a video worship session (shown above) so the attendees could worship together online.

‘Together online’ is officially now a thing, I guess.

I did the audio recording and mixing of the music. It’s been good that I’ve been able to focus on music direction and recording/mixing for these and other projects. Besides, the younger guitarists need to get in some mileage as musicians!

This fall, I’ll be supervising this year’s Anthem City project, which is a Christmas-themed outreach program we’ve done the last 5 years. Like last year, this will be a video production in lieu of in-person concerts. So I’m listening to Christmas songs now, arranging charts, and working with audio and video engineers to plan the project. Last year’s video was viewed over 13,000 times in the Indiana prison system alone! This year we’re hoping to give it a much wider reach.

And I know – it’s only August! But we have to shoot in October to have it edited and ready for the holidays.

Please know we’re praying for you. Every time it seems like the world might be stabilizing again, something else develops and we have to adapt. But I’m grateful to our God and to you as well. Your prayers and sacrifices continue to enable us to keep adapting, growing, serving, and building His kingdom, and we’re thankful.

Please pray
…for the few hundred short-term international missionaries that were sent out from the conference I mentioned. They’ll serve all over the world, with some in incredibly difficult countries, and we’ve no idea of what sort of travel restrictions may once again develop.