Dirty Nasty Filthy Wicked Awesome!!

I do not understand New England.

This goes well beyond being a Colts fan and not liking their football team. I do not understand their complete failure to understand how to use the letter ‘R’. (For example, we drove through Pennsylvaniar, and sat on the sofar to eat pizzar and drink sodar…)

And I really don’t understand how ‘dirty filthy nasty wicked awesome’ came to be a compliment. But, that’s what Sam and Nathan, two brothers at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth had to say about blue sky nine and our concerts at their school. Those are terms of great endearment (to Sam and Nathan, anyway!!).

Sam and Nathan and the other students there did a great job of promoting our concerts. And afterward, there were many people interested in talking about spiritual things, and some that began a relationship with God for the first time.

I don’t know about ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’, ‘nasty’, or ‘wicked’, but to me it’s awesome to see how God uses our concerts to intersect with people’s lives.

This weekend, we leave for tour in Virginia to work with a bunch of military installations doing outreach concerts. We’ll get back May 15th or so. Please continue to pray for our work – we are finishing up our touring season and want to finish well for the spring.

After that, I will be home for the summer, being musical director for one of Keynote’s Summer Project student bands. It will be a lot of work but a lot of fun. And it will be nice to be home for the summer!