Developing student leaders – musically, and spiritually!

Earlier this month, we hosted our Spring 2016 Worship Arts Weekend.

Helping accelerate the work of Cru’s campus ministries is a major focus for our team, and one of the most strategic ways we can do that is by developing student worship leaders.

We believe that when musical worship is done in a way that is excellent, compelling and biblically sound, it contributes to stronger, more sustainable spiritual movements. So, we have developed a weekend training experience that helps students grow musically, spiritually, and as leaders.

There are over 1700 college and high school campuses with Cru movements in the US, and musical worship is a big part of their weekly meetings. The vast majority of those movements have Cru staff helping them grow as Christ-followers, studying the Bible with them, and equipping them to share their faith. But only a small number of them are well-resourced when it comes to musical worship. We are passionately working to develop an equipping framework that ALL of our movements can benefit from.

Our training provides biblical instruction about worship, as well as practical wisdom about loving and leading their teams, organizing rehearsals, and individual clinics on their specific instrument or skill – vocals, instruments, sound engineering, and music direction.

We’re excited about how this can help campus movements become more effective, and so are the students who go through our program.

Jordan, a student from the University of Michigan, attended our vocal clinic and told us “…I improved worlds in just a few moments. It was great to apply some things I had never thought of to my voice.”

Zach, from Central Michigan University, said: “You guys challenged me this weekend, helped me grow and connect with God. You guys taught me so much this weekend and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

And Matthew, who attended our training last year AND this Spring, wrote: “…It is so helpful, and transformed what worship looked like on our campus. It also helped to reorient my heart towards God in a powerful way this year and I am so thankful for that…” 

We’re continually amazed at how God uses our work to help students embrace their talents and be launched into the mission of reaching people for Christ.

In other news:
We’re winding down the school year with our kids. Rachel, our senior, is preparing to attend Indiana University in the fall. Sarah is getting excellent grades and continues to improve regarding her concussion. And Krizia, our 17-year-old Spanish exchange student, will go home in June. Pray we can help them finish the academic year well!!



Thanks for standing with us!