Guitar Clinics

Playing guitar (or any instrument) in a band is about a lot more than playing notes that are in tune and in time. It’s about making sure you’re playing a part that makes sense in the context of what everyone else is doing. It’s about delivering the goods musically, and being someone people want to work with again. 

Over the years, I’ve worked with musicians, bands and worship teams as a music director and performance coach, and I’ve seen how the gaps in a musician’s skill set can limit a team’s potential. I’ve developed a coaching clinic that teaches into those gaps. This is a hands-on training experience to help guitarists round out the basic skills and knowledge needed as a working musician, to help them get to the next level in their individual expression and ability, and to serve more meaningfully a band or worship team setting.


  • Basic chord and triad theory
  • Chord intervals and the Nashville Number System
  • Techniques that build style and expression in lead/solo playing
  • How to practice meaningfully
  • How to prepare for a gig
  • Understanding your role in a band, and serving the song
  • Tone shaping and effects usage

In a group setting, the maximum size is probably 8-10 people, but I’ve made it work for large groups at worship training seminars as well. Ultimately, the goal is to give general general instruction that is applicable to everyone, along with personalized individual coaching so everyone goes away excited about the next few steps they can take! 

Hit me up on any social media outlet to talk about how this might help you and/or your team!