Christ exalted on every stage

As you know, I work with a global missions organization called Cru, and our mission is to win people to Christ, build them in their faith, and send them into the world as multiplying disciples.

The part I play in that enterprise is to lead Cru’s Performing Artist team. We’re a passionate group of musicians and performers, along with other people whose skills give leverage to those efforts (recording/live sound engineering, social media management, booking, marketing, etc). We are committed to using various avenues of performing artistry to accelerate the work of fulfilling Cru’s mission.

As a team, we have a rich history, along with our own vision, mission and values that guide us, and I want to share them with you.

Our vision:
Christ exalted on every stage.

For nearly 50 years, Cru has had an institutional commitment to the concept of missional performing artistry. That has taken many forms through the years and covered a myriad of musical styles and presentation techniques.

From humble beginnings (a folk band that joined Cru at the prompting of our founder, Dr. Bill Bright), we have progressed through seasons of being known as The Music Ministry, then Keynote Communications, then just Keynote. Most recently, our team has chosen to identify simply as the Performing Artist team of Cru. That change gives us the benefit of Cru’s global name recognition, while remaining specifically called to missional performing artistry, which is both our legacy and our future.

Our Mission:

  • To create spiritually provocative artistry and performance events
  • To lead and catalyze worship within Cru’s movements
  • To multiply our efforts by training others in music evangelism and worship.

Our Values: 
We strive for all of our artists, projects and performances to be:

  • Artistically excellent (we want to glorify God with our very best efforts)
  • Spiritually provocative (we want to challenge our audiences deliberately and relevantly)
  • Strategically flexible (we want to serve wisely and make the most of our experiences to serve our hosts)

While our tactics, artistic styles, and even our name may change to suit the times, our passion and calling will not. As creatives on mission, we strive to create relevant, excellent performance artistry that connects us to people in culturally relevant ways, and allows us to get into deliberate spiritual conversations.

We do that so people can come to know, trust and love Christ – who now and forevermore is worthy of being exalted on every stage.