Changed lives in 2018, and hope for 2019!

Earlier this year, I lead a band called Abilene on a concert tour in and around Sydney, Australia. One day, as we met with the principal of Chifley College before our concert, I sensed something. It was a high school (the Australians call their high schools ‘colleges’) in an economically depressed area of town with a high rate of crime and broken families. I knew that instead of having Jess, our lead singer share her story and the gospel, I needed to do the message; our team agreed.

After the concert, a student (let’s call him “Adam”, since the Australian schools asked us not to use their names or images) came up afterward and spoke with me, and we talked about his family and experiences, and I shared with him the hope found in Jesus. He was a quiet, unemotive guy, so he didn’t gush about it, but it spoke to him deeply that we’d come all the way from the U.S. to tell him about Jesus. As the band hung out with the students and ministry workers afterward, we heard more comments like “I loved it. I can’t believe you guys came to my school!” and “I enjoyed it. I started a relationship with God.” It was a smaller concert, with about 58 students in attendance, and 29 of them indicated making decisions to put their trust in Jesus!

I was glad to be there with them, ministering to them and seeing my story and music being used to bring them hope – and it is your partnership that made that possible! Your prayers and giving helped us make great progress in proclaiming Jesus and catalyzing musical worship in Cru’s movements around the world, and in seeing individual lives like Adam’s invaded by the hope of the Gospel. You are a continual source of joy and encouragement as you pray and give faithfully for our ministry- thank you!

In 2018, I travelled to Spain, Australia, and Poland and many places domestically. We saw our youngest daughter Sarah head off to college, and saw our oldest daughter Rachel have foot surgery (no fun!). I turned 50, and had carpal tunnel surgery so I could continue playing guitar. Ultimately, we ended 2018 about $6200 under-funded, in the red. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a year, but I’m excited about what 2019 will bring.

As our partners in ministry, may I ask you to specifically pray about giving a special year-end gift of $500, $250, or$100? It would help us start 2019 fully able to focus on ministry. Thank you for considering this!  You can give on the web at our giving page.

We consider it a great privilege to share our prayer needs as well as our financial needs with you. However the Lord may lead you to respond, we are grateful and take comfort in knowing you are standing with us for the gospel!