Big Break!!

When many people think of Spring Break in Florida, they think of college students getting a much-needed break from their studies and taking a serene vacation in a warm, sunny place.

Yeah, right…

Many MORE people think of college students abandoning any semblance of common sense and partying as hard as they can, all in a quest for a ‘good time’.

What most people DON’T think of is college students taking that week to grow in their faith and learn how to share what they believe in ways that are relevant, conversational and deliberate.

But that’s what Cru’s Big Break is all about. For a month, Cru puts on a conference in Panama City Beach where students spend their vacation learning to share the gospel with thousands of their fellow college students. (The photo above is from an evening session of the conference when the students got to share about their experiences doing outreach.)

I went down with a team of our musicians for one of the weeks of Big Break to lead musical worship, and it was incredible to be part of one of Cru’s largest outreach projects.

We were part of an effort that resulted in the students starting 10,895 spiritual conversations. And 4596 of those conversations became opportunities to share the gospel. From those conversations, 447 students made decisions to trust Christ!!

And, maybe just as importantly… thousands of college students became equipped to share their faith in ways they can use for the rest of their lives. That’s a HUGE win, and exactly the sort of project we LOVE being part of!

Now… we’re making plans for how we’ll serve Cru’s efforts to send year-long missionaries into hundreds of countries. And, we’re making arrangements to send two of our performing artists on outreach tours on two other continents.  I’ll share more about that in the next update!