“Being on the worship team honestly became a burden, but…”

One of the most meaningful ways our team serves Cru’s Campus Ministry is to host training weekend events for student worship leaders. At the most recent Worship Arts Weekend, hosted a few weeks ago in western Pennsylvania, we worked with about 30 college students who are passionate about leading their friends in worship on their campuses. Frequently, these students have no one helping mentor or develop them, so even though what they’re doing is a good thing, they can experience exhaustion, frustration and burnout.

I’m sure we can all relate.

Our weekend training event addresses heart issues, and gives the students tools to overcome musical challenges and team leadership problems. After the weekend was over, Grace, a vocalist in one of the bands that I coached, sent me an email message about how things had gone on her campus when they led the next week. The subject line said “Transformed Worship!!”, and in the message she wrote: “I was feeling very burnt out this semester and being on the worship team honestly became a burden, but after the Worship Arts Weekend, I am so encouraged and so excited to use the gifts God has given me to lead others in worship. Thank you again!!

In addition to classroom-style discussion and teaching times, we do a lot of hands-on coaching while they play music. And, we do instrumental clinics to help them grow in their individual musicianship. For me, it’s very gratifying to bring over 30 years of experience as a leader and musician to bear as we coach them.

We arrived home from Pennsylvania near midnight on a Sunday; Monday morning, I was sitting in a classroom taking a seminary-level course on Ethics that is part of our ongoing theological development with Cru. So in the span of 9 hours, I went from expert to novice, from teacher to student, and felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of concepts, principles and biblical ideas to process and assimilate into my thinking in a short period of time.

Sort of like the students I had coached just a few hours before. That little bit of irony was not lost on me.

I am grateful to be part of an organization that places a high value on education and training. I believe that God is far more concerned with what we are becoming than what we are doing, so I’m happy to be part of the learning process, no matter which side of it I happen to be on.

God is using your sacrifices to do truly transformational things in people’s lives – students’, ours, and yours! As always, we’re grateful!

Please pray…
…for the students we trained, as they go back to their campuses and wisely and carefully implement the things we taught them. We coach them to thoughtfully find 2 or 3 things that would help the most, instead of zealously trying to change EVERYthing! So, join us in praying for them as they trust God to transform their campuses.