Back on the road…

This weekend, blue sky nine does a gig in Iowa at Iowa State. Then we’re home a few days, and then Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado.

Then, home a couple of weeks, and then off to Mongolia and South Korea for most of October.

I’m excited about touring. We added some new songs to our set by other artists, which keeps things updated. We are doing a new original song that we wrote, which keeps things, well, authentic. We have some great opportunities, especially overseas, to share the truth and also to help equip some other ministries to use music the way we do.

But… Between getting the school year kicked off for the girls, and getting back into the swing of touring life from our summer of other busy-but-different assignments, there is a lot going on. Getting out and playing might be really good for me, actually… But because I am one of the band’s directors, the actual act of playing guitar is, like, 5th down on my list of things to get done. Good thing it’s also the easiest part.

So if you think about it, shoot up a few prayers that I can keep my head in the game spiritually, emotionally and physically. And prayers for Jennifer and the girls on the home front are good as well…