Back from the frozen tundra…

Just got back a few days ago from about a week and a half of touring up in Wisconsin. It was cold. I’m serious – I don’t think it was above 0 (ZERO) degrees the whole time. We did several shows, and presented the gospel at a few of them, and did a ‘pre-evangelical’ message at others.
It was cool to help the ministries that hosted us to get more momentum on their campuses, and even cooler that more than a few people wanted more info on a relationship with God. And 1 person (that we know of) began a relationship with God for the first time… cooler still.
And below, from our first show, we did a pre-tour Starbucks gig here in Indy just to test drive our set. (click the picture for a larger image). It went well. And by ‘went well’, I mean I got a fee drink out of the deal. It’s been a long time since I played for free drinks.
Hey, don’t laugh… that’s a $5 value!!

3 thoughts on “Back from the frozen tundra…

  • Tracey

    Dear Scott,

    I’m reaching out through the internet in hopes that maybe you are who I am looking for. I’m looking for a Scott Naylor whose father is Alfred Eugene Naylor. Would that happen to be you? I’m not a freak so don’t worry. My name is Tracey Cozby and I was put up for adoption April 1967. My birth mother was Donna Jones and my birth father is Gene Naylor. Is he your father or do you know of him? Any information would be very much appreciated. 🙂

  • Wendy Wagner

    Hey Scott!

    Waiting to receive word that you have arrived safely in Egypt! Keeping you in our prayers, and looking for a blog when/if you have internet access!

    Blessings –

    Ted & Wendy Wagner

  • Scott and Jennifer Naylor...

    Tracey, if you see this, I’m not part of the family the you’re looking for. None of those names ring a bell in my extended famaly either.

    I pray that you find the answers you need in your search.


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