Back from India!

Two weeks ago, on a sweltering day in Chennai, India, our band ‘Stone’ played a concert on an open-air stage in the middle of Hindustan University. Being outside, it wasn’t hard to gather a crowd for the show, and about 350 students showed up.We’ve learned that Indian students LOVE to dance, and they did! But when Teresa, our lead singer, shared a poignant story from her life about a tragically failed relationship, most of the eyes in the audience were locked on her.  She went on to share about her hope in Christ, and how the students could begin a lasting relationship with Him.

Afterward, a student named Raj filled out a comment card about the show. He indicated that he had placed his trust in Jesus. And he wrote: “You made me know about the presence of God. I never believed in the existence of God, but now I do.”

Tour mapWe spent 32 days on the road in India, giving 18 performances in 9 cities, traveling over 21,000 miles (by planes, trains and automobiles). We were able to share the gospel with over 8400 people, many of them Hindu college students.

We also did 7 full days of training on aspects of music for outreach and worship, challenging hundreds of Indian college students to invest their gifts for God’s purposes.

There’s just no way to recap a month-long tour in a letter this small.  Mostly, what I remember about our month in India is the many one-on-one conversations, where we got to help Indian students like Raj understand who Jesus really was and give them a chance to put their trust in Him.

This is the longest, most rigorous and strategically ambitious tour I’ve ever done, and God was very good to us. Our team stayed (mostly) healthy, all our travel plans went smoothly, and our team served our hosts and each other really well.

The whole experience was a strong affirmation of our team’s newly-refocused vision – to see Christ exalted on every stage. We got to see our 3 areas of strategic focus –outreach, worship and training – get used in extremely meaningful ways to help accelerate the ministry that our Indian friends are doing!

We have no way of knowing how many other people like Raj made eternally significant decisions on our tour, but I am trusting that it is hundreds.

No… thousands.