Back from Egypt!!

I know, I’ve been back for a week and no updates… sorry!

All in all, the Egypt tour was a success. The ministry workers in Egypt were thrilled with the work we did, and they took great care of us. The partnership between our ministries is off to a great start, and I would imagine they’ll use Keynote’s bands for outreach again in the years to come.

Audiences responded very well to our music and message, and we had many meaningful after-show conversations with English-speaking students. The Egyptian staff had even more conversations in Arabic with non-Christian students. They have lots of new students interested in their meetings, and lots of new contacts to follow-up with.

At one point, they said they wish they’d had more faith and booked a bigger venue for one of our concerts, because they had sold tickets and had to turn many people away after it was sold out. Cool! (Now we can say we played sold-out concerts in Cairo!!)

Coolest of all is that lives are eternally changed because of what God did through our work, and that only happens because of your support and prayers. Thanks!!

But I know why you’re really here… pictures! Here’s a slide show from our little adventure…

(By the way… the picture of the sandwich was something we saw in a restaurant in Cairo. Couldn’t make that up if I tried…)

4 thoughts on “Back from Egypt!!

  • ErinL

    We have been anxiously awaiting your update! The pictures are fantastic. We need to get you here for a FamilyLife show sometime! We are so glad that you are home safe and had a great trip. What a joy it is to be a small part of this with you!

  • Scott and Jennifer Naylor...

    Thanks – it would be great to get to a Famlife event. Does Larry work at the ‘Weekend to Remember’ events? I know there is one coming up here in Indianapolis…

  • bobbysan

    Dude, the acoustic Molly Hatchett shot from the tour was worth every penny! I’m in awe!

    Very glad you, the band, and the guitar made it back safely. God is an amazing God! Love you guys.

    us in az

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