Asian mid-tour update

We’ve been in Mongolia for over a week now. We’ve been to a remote prison. We’ve played 6 concerts. We’ve done training classes on how we do our outreaches. We’ve learned how to negotiate in the market, gotten stuck in an elevator for half an hour, and found a favorite restaurant where we can eat for under $2 (U.S.).


And, we’ve seen over 100 people change their eternal mail-forwarding address. And that was just at one show.

Our first concert was open to the public and was attended mostly by students, but there were many families and adults as well. We have now learned from the staff here that over 400 people attended the show, 199 filled out comment cards, and over 100 students indicated a new decision to begin a relationship with God.

That’s pretty amazing. Mongolia is predominantly Buddhist, and less than 1% of the people here are Christ-followers. But we are told that many are ‘culturally Buddhist’ -meaning a lot of the people say they’re Buddhist, but don’t really have a strong tie to it.

Another show was sponsored by Crusade’s medical mission here. We played, shared the gospel and lead people in a prayer to begin a relationship with God. There were over 100 people in attendance, mostly medical professionals or people connected to the medical mission.

Oh… know who else may see that concert and hear the gospel? Anyone in Mongolia with cable TV. ‘Eagle TV’ sent a 3-camera crew to record the concert. Eagle-TV is a station here in UlaanBaatar that was started by CCC years ago, and is now independently owned and controlled by believers. They show news (Fox News, actually) and christian programming, and we are told that the potential audience may be as high as 2 million.

(That is, assuming they don’t show our concert late at night between ShamWow! infomercials…)

So, our work continues to go well here. We have experienced some tedious (but not show-stopping) ailments as we acclimate to the air quality, time zone, and food. But in general, we’re all doing OK. We have another gig on a military base coming up before heading to Seoul, South Korea for 5 shows in 6 days.

Here’s a couple of short videos about things here:
blue sky nine on tour – a pile of rocks or a shamanist shrine?
blue sky nine on tour – Dan gives an update from Mongolia…

Thanks for staying tuned… more updates to come!