Anthem City – appearing in prisons in almost every state!

As I mentioned last month, we’re producing a Christmas-themed video featuring a band called Anthem City. This is the 6th year for the band to do their seasonal outreach, and they usually tour in a lot of Indiana prisons in December. Since I’m always busy producing the live worship music for a student conference event in December, I’ve never been part of it before.

Sadly, Covid restrictions mean that this year’s project will be video-only. That meant I was able to be involved in this year’s version of the band… so, I stepped in to play guitar. And also to be the music director, overseeing rehearsals and doing original arrangements of some of the songs. And as the overall project director.

I mean… in for a penny, in for a pound, I guess!

I’m really happy with the work our team has done on the music as well as the message, which will clearly share who Jesus and how people can begin to follow Him. Additionally, a truly great opportunity developed in the last few weeks as we were working on the video. We’re now working with Prison Fellowship, a nation-wide ministry operating in correctional facilities in 50 states. We’re working to get it finished in time to be used in all of the facilities where they use video content in December.

So even though we can’t go on tour, Anthem City will likely be appearing in prisons in almost every state!

We’re also planning to release the music on all online streaming outlets, and we’ll make the video available online. So, you’ll be able to see it as well… without going to prison first!

Now, I’m in the midst of preparing for two worship arts training conferences that our team hosts; one in Minneapolis and one in Indianapolis. These training events for students are also where we audition student musicians for the winter conferences. So they’re extremely strategic for us, and I’m looking forward to getting to interact with college students again for a bit!

As always, we consider it a privilege and a blessing to do the work we’re called to do, and we’re grateful for the prayers and sacrifices you’re making that make it possible. Thanks!!

Please pray…
…for the completion of the video editing and music mixing processes of the Anthem City video. Those are just as creative and important as playing the songs! And pray for the thousands of people that will see the video and have a chance to hear about the real reason for the Christmas season – Jesus!