And that’s the year that was…

The fall touring season has come to a close, and I was reflecting the other day on what God has done through our concerts and outreaches. We’ve toured the east coast, the Midwest (corn belt) states a few times, and spent some very cold weeks in Wisconsin. We have shared the gospel in Egypt, where it is a little more precarious than it is here. We’ve played for thousands of people, and seen many, many people respond to God’s love. For some, it was deciding to put their trust fully in Christ for the first time. Others took first baby faith-steps to learn more about a God that they don’t know much about – but have come to know they need.

As performers, we’ve seen a whole range of responses. We’ve been cheered, patronized, asked for our autographs, proposed to, and sworn at. (I’m really not kidding). Here are some of the saltier responses we’ve gotten on comment cards and surveys used at our shows:

· “As long as we avoid extremist views and accept each other, religion is beautiful”
· “Sucked”
· “I love the big sexy drummer”
· “Go *@&# yourselves”

No one ever said this was going to go over well with everyone, I guess. And you know, I am not advocating extremism or being judgmental, but our work is to help people understand that the sort of ‘religion’ mentioned in the comment above might be beautiful, but it transforms nothing. Jesus Christ died so that you and I and every single person on the planet can experience grace and know the truth. Now that’s extreme.

For now, we are home from touring, and we start a season of training, re-tooling and rehearsals to get our bands and outreaches ready for next year’s touring work. My role will expand a bit in the coming year as well – I am stepping into the role of being the band’s co-director. That will mean a bit more responsibility and more equity in Keynote’s leadership. I am excited about what this next year holds.

Soon, we’ll be back in rehearsals trying to figure out this year’s version of the not-taking-ourselves-too-seriously acoustic pop/rock groove thing we’ve become. But for now, there are decisions to be made… when to do the photo shoot, what songs to perform, how many guitars to take on tour, do I get a haircut…

You know, important stuff.

More updates soon…