And boy, are my arms tired…

It’s 2:30am EST on Monday, October 15th, and I just got back to my house after being in California for a long weekend, playing guitar and helping lead worship for a briefing for a part of Campus Crusade called “The Jesus Film Project”. The briefing is a weekend-long conference for vision casting and fund-raising.

Their ministry takes a film about the life of Jesus (okay, that was a ‘gimme’), and shows it all over the world. Over the years (it was made in the late 70s), it has been translated into over 1000 different languages and shown to hundreds of millions of people in thousands of remote places, resulting in millions of people deciding to follow Christ.

Our work was to help their briefing be successful, and they raised 8.5 million dollars this weekend – so I think it worked. What a privilege for our partnership to help propel their ministry into more places.

But that’s not why I wrote. I wrote to say that I have been in a full time position at Keynote for just 6 weeks, and have now done over 21,000 air miles.

One thought on “And boy, are my arms tired…

  • L. Dwayne Sudduth

    hey buddy…

    less than 2 weeks until I’m married again! Couple that with moving to a NEW residence…and our Fall Festival last weekend (preliminary guess of attendance hovers around 700–I need to review the prize tickets yet.) and I’ve had a busy month..

    My arms might not be tired, but my brain and assorted other parts certainly are.

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