All over but the shouting

Keynote’s ‘Summer Project’ wrapped this week. (See my last blog entry for some background on that).

My role in the Summer Project is very different from my normal job, and it really is one of my favorite times of the year. Normally, I focus on leading a team and interacting with a lot of ministries for short-term projects and events. For the Summer, my job is to interact with a small number of student musicians for a much longer period of time. It’s an amazing privilege to get to be part of the process that God uses to stretch them, shape them, and use them to change lives for eternity.

He also uses them to remind me that I am 42. That’s another issue.

Anyway, for the whole project, between Keynote and the Impact movement (who we work together with during the Summer Propject), we sent 6 bands on the road.

  • Those 6 bands logged slightly over 20,000 road miles
  • They played 79 concert events
  • They played for, and shared the gospel with, just over 9000 people.
  • 759 of those people said that they were interested in having further conversations about spiritual things
  • 1048 of those people indicated that they had decided to begin a relationship with God through Jesus Christ (thus, the shouting.) 

I still can’t believe this is my job.  You can read a story from Young Isaac’s touring here, and a story from another couple of the bands here. For other updates, poke around the Keynote Connection site. There’s usually good stuff out there.

But now, the project is over. The gear is packed up in road cases and stored. The vehicles are all parked. The students have headed back home (and soon back to school), and it is very subdued around the offices.

The rehearsal rooms are silent.

For now, anyway…