A war of inches

Christina is a 25-year old young woman I met in Spain, while playing music for one of the 3 large missionary conferences we served on our recent tour that took us completely around the world.

She’s serving in Beirut, Lebanon, and she told us that she lives just a scant few miles from an area of the city populated by Hezbollah.

The photo is our band, and it was taken at the conference where we met Christina. I can’t show you her face, though, to protect her security. In fact, she told us that she’s from the Washington, DC area, and has family members that work for the U.S. government. But she can’t talk to them about the people she ministers to, because they can’t be liable for knowing someone who interacts with them.

I know – it sounds like spy stuff.

But for Christina, sharing about her ministry is not as simple as sharing her stories around the water cooler like we can. She told me that on average, for a Muslim to decide to make a decision to acknowledge Christ as Lord and commit to follow Him, they will have to hear the gospel 28 times.

Twenty eight times for someone to step them through the complete truth about who Jesus was, what he did for us, and how they can experience His love and grace.

And of course, it’s a profoundly dangerous decision for any Muslim who decides to take those steps. They do not see many people trust Christ in her ministry; in fact, one or two people a year would be a pretty big year for her team.

Ministry in that part of the world, we were told, is literally a war of inches.

Jacob, another short-term missionary we spoke with on the tour, said that the conference where we served was “…a time of remembering why you are there, and connecting with others doing the same thing. It is refreshing!”

So… our band did 22,300 air miles, played for 3 conferences in 3 different countries (Spain, Turkey, Thailand) and served hundreds and hundreds of people, who are serving in countries all over Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All in a little over three weeks.

It was a complete joy to refresh these people waging a spiritual war of inches, and we’re extremely grateful for your partnership that makes it possible!!

Coming up next…  in about a week, I’m off again with a team playing music for ‘Big Break’, a Spring Break outreach in Panama City Beach. It’s one of Cru’s biggest evangelical events – pray for our band to serve them well!