A small example of multiplication…

As I had mentioned in our last update, pretty much all of June and July for me were tied up with taking 3 seminary-level classes that are part of my ongoing theological education for Cru, and with attending Cru’s biennial U.S. Staff Conference in Colorado. 

For the record, I passed all 3 classes. I  probably read over 2000 pages’ worth of textbooks, articles and research papers and listened to at least 30 hours of audio lectures and podcasts. Not a terrible way to spend some focused time learning, but I’m glad it’s done.

Out in Colorado, I attended Cru’s conference where ~5000 staff  members from all of Cru’s U.S. ministries gather for training, and to hear from our leadership. We also hear from other ministry leaders on topics related to our ongoing ministry and how to address various issues in our culture with a posture that is both biblical and loving. So overall, it was a full summer of listening, learning and having my thinking challenged and knowledge expanded.

But… the thing I was most personally excited by during our conference was completely unrelated to all of that. During the conference for Cru’s missionary staff, there was another conference called “Getaway” that Cru hosts for the several hundred middle- and high school-aged children of Cru staff members that are there.

The “Getaway” conference band, made up of volunteers who are recent graduates that we have helped train over the years!

The Getaway conference had its own speakers and activities, and it had its own worship team. The worship team was made up of recent college graduates, all of whom have been through the Worship Arts Training weekends we have hosted in Minneapolis over the last dozen years. They had all served in the worship band for the Minneapolis Winter Conferences at various times and have remained connected; now they volunteered to go to Colorado to serve the Getaway event.

I was able to attend some their conference sessions and watch them in action, and I got to spend some time hanging out with them as well.  I felt very blessed to see them continuing to serve as worship leaders and servants by ministering to children of the Cru staff. It was really rewarding to know that our team had a small part in their growth. Many of them have been, and will continue to be, people we will engage as volunteers for other worship and outreach projects.

In small ways like this, as well as in larger ways, our heart is to multiply our efforts as we use music to accelerate the work of building God’s kingdom. We’re grateful to God for letting us see it working, and also grateful for the part you play in it as well!

Please pray…
…for our daughters as they go back to college! Rachel (21) starts her senior year at Indiana University this week, and Sarah (19) has already moved back to Purdue University to begin her sophomore year. Jennifer and I can’t believe that we’re already halfway through their college years! Please pray as they get started in their studies this year.