A season (mostly) at home…

This fall, we’ve sent an outreach band called Stone to Australia, and we’ve sent a band to work with Cru’s staff in the Republic of Georgia to perform with them and train them in music evangelism (shown above). In September, we hosted the Fall Worship Arts Weekend, where we train student worship leaders from Cru movements at colleges around the Midwest. We’ve seen hundreds of lives changed for eternity, and trained dozens of people on how to use their musical talents to expand God’s kingdom through outreach and worship!

Later this Fall, we’re sending out a band called ‘Anthem City’ to do an outreach tour, using Christmasthemed music to share the Gospel in prisons and inner-city missions that we’ve developed partnerships with over the years.

While I’ve been involved in smaller projects, I am continuing in a season of not being out on extended tours. That is so I can continue to develop relationships and expand our team of financial ministry partners. We’re always blessed by how God provides for our ministry needs through your giving and prayers! It’s been a blessing to have a season off the road.

Over the years, I’ve had to miss a great number of things because of touring and other projects. Holidays, anniversaries, soccer games, birthdays, reunions, etc. Now, PLEASE do not hear me complaining – the work we do is important and I believe in it, but it does involve some sacrifices.

But… if I had been on the recent Australia tour, I would have had to miss getting to move Rachel to college for her Freshman year. And just recently, my father had to have a very critical emergency surgery. On very short notice, we were all able to be there at the hospital with him. (He’s recovering well now.)

I would NOT have wanted to get THAT phone call while in the Republic of Georgia! So even though I’m not on some of the ‘front lines’ projects, I’ve seen God’s hand in this season – these are things I’m glad I didn’t have to miss.

One of the smaller projects I’ll do is coming up over the last weekend of October. I’ll be in Minneapolis doing some clinics for a Worship Arts Conference, and we’ll audition student musicians for a large conference later in December. Please pray that we’re able to equip and inspire student leaders, and find qualified student musicians for the conference!