A new year, and another round with Covid

Happy 2022!!

I’m writing this update from my home… not from Spain, where I was supposed to be right now, leading worship for Cru’s missionaries serving all throughout Europe and the Middle East.

That’s because our team had to show negative Covid tests to serve at the conference, and 2 days before flying, my test came back positive. That came as a complete surprise; I had no symptoms whatsoever, and still haven’t. But that, along with some other Covid-related factors, meant that our team did not go to Spain. So we’re all healthy, just a little frustrated and disappointed.

Instead, the conference will use some of the video worship sessions we’ve produced over the last couple of years. So, we’re still serving to help Cru’s missionaries throughout the world by helping them worship, just not in-person as we’d planned.

In December, I served as music producer for the Indianapolis Winter Conference, attended by over 1000 students and Cru staff. I worked with our team to select and coach 10 student musicians from different colleges so they could serve the conference by leading musical worship. As shown above, we arranged a special ‘unplugged’ worship set with violins and cello instead of the usual ‘rock band’ vibe, and it was by far my favorite moment to have helped create.

I am so grateful to see how the Lord moves in those spaces, where we can use beauty and excellence to help create moments where our brilliant and beautiful savior can be worshiped without distraction. This really is what I was made to do, and I am unspeakably grateful for the opportunity to do it in a way that impacts so many people for Christ.

So, since I’m not in Spain, I’m on to the next project – producing the music for Cru’s Virtual Winter Conference in early February. It’s an online event that has musical worship, speakers and teaching, just like an in-person conference. Over 8000 students participated last year, so it reaches even farther than the in-person conferences! And again, it’s a chance to involve student musicians, which is a way to help them live out their calling as well.

2022 didn’t start the way we planned, but God is not pacing the floor or wringing his hands over any of it. Our prayer is that God is meeting you with his presence and peace in the same way he has met us. Thank you once again for the sacrifices and prayers that make our work possible!!

Please pray…

…for Cru’s missionaries at the conference in Spain; pray that they are refreshed and excited about the work they’re doing in difficult parts of the world. And please pray for our upcoming online conference! We’re praying that thousands of students who couldn’t attend an in-person conference will experience Jesus just like we were all in the same room!