A new Summer Project

For 20 years, Keynote has hosted our Summer Project, where we have college students work with us for part of the summer.

While they’re here, they receive training on public speaking and communications skills, as well as one-on-one discipleship. But mostly, they have the chance to spend their summer on mission, using their artistic skills and passion for Christ to reach people with the gospel in ways they had never imagined.

This year, THOSE things are no different.

But… for the first 19 years, our project revolved around mobilizing performing bands. This year, instead of recruiting musicians and sending them on tour, we cast the net MUCH wider and invited dancers, videographers, spoken word artists, songwriters, and about everyone else we could think of.

And instead of telling them what sort of band they would be, or what songs they would sing, we would have THEM develop the ideas. THEY would dream up ways to use their artistry to create resources that could start conversations with their friends about Jesus.

The heart is that they learn to develop creative resources that help start spiritual conversations – and then take them back to their campuses in the Fall.

And they are doing just that! In addition, they are getting to do outreach projects around Indianapolis, working with inner-city missions and doing other initiative evangelism.

So far, they have written and recorded a song together, and are producing a music video for it, and the project isn’t over yet.

They have other creative projects they’re working on as well. I’ll include a link to the finished video in next month’s update.

So this summer, we’re equipping student artists as lifetime laborers for Christ in a whole new way.  I can’t wait to see what God does with it!