A musical and emotional roller-coaster…

For the 13th time, I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day in Minneapolis, working at Cru’s TCX conference.

TCX is a huge student conference where around 1500 people (mostly college students) gather for a week of spiritual development and outreach. A few of us from Cru’s Performing Artist Team serve by coaching a team of student musicians from several different campuses who become the worship team.

I play guitar in the band as well, but the major contribution we make is to coach them and help them see the leverage their musical talent can have if they use it to help accelerate what God is doing.

The conference itself is an amazing musical and emotional roller-coaster which includes a day of inner-city outreach, speakers who teach and challenge the students spiritually, and some great times of worship.

Elizabeth, a college student who is an amazing cellist (and also a vocalist and worship leader) has served in the student team for the last three years. As a senior, this was her last year to attend the conference, and she sent me this note of appreciation after it was all over:

“Scott – you’ve challenged me to refine my craft, to not settle and be stagnant where I am because its “good enough.”  Your sarcastic humor is always a plus, but I really admire and appreciate your ability to discuss more difficult worship team conflicts that can occur.  I’ve taken a lot of knowledge away from your stories and personal experiences…”

So, yeah. That. We don’t always get to see the sort of impact we’re having in the student’s lives. I am confident that she will go on to accomplish WAY cooler things than playing for the conference where I met her!

So now, it’s late January, and I am writing from Malaga, Spain. I’m here with a team leading worship for a conference of 1-year missionaries (recent college grads) serving all over Europe and the Middle-East.  From here, we go directly to another country to lead worship for a conference of long-term missionaries from the same areas. With a recent terrorist bombing in another city in that country, that conference has much higher security, so I won’t able to take any pictures or do much in the way of online updates.  But, I’m excited to go and serve our friends who are serving in VERY difficult parts of the world.

Please pray…
I’m gone for a few weeks, which is always hard for Jennifer and the girls at home. And I’m in a part of the world where it’s not quite as simple to get in and out – please pray that all goes smoothly at home, and that all of our travel and logistic plans go without incident.