A matter of life and death

On November 5th at the AstroWorld Music festival in Houston, 8 people were crushed to death by an out-of-control audience of over 50,000 that had been fueled by a performer with a history of inciting crowds to violence. The event promoters, deaf to the audience’s coordinated shouts of “Help!” and “STOP THE SHOW!”, allowed it to go on for more than half an hour after local authorities declared it a mass casualty event. Two more people have since died of their injuries.

Teaching students at the Indianapolis Worship Arts Weekend

That same weekend, Cru Music (what our team is now officially called) was hosting a weekend training event for student musicians from campuses all over the Midwest. We coached them to become more effective leaders, more proficient musicians, and most importantly, to know Jesus better and love Him more. Then, they bring all of that into their efforts to lead musical worship on their campuses and reach the people in their worlds.

I can’t help but be tremendously sobered by the contrast. The influence music and artists have in our culture truly can be a matter of life and death. It’s devastating that 10 young people went to see a performer and enjoy music – but because of the brokenness of this world and the people who were more concerned with profit than safety, they ended up losing their lives. It’s a proper tragedy, and it’s completely senseless.

But it’s not hopeless.

For me, it’s a call to persevere in the work of using music to help people encounter Jesus. Through our outreach, worship and training efforts, we’re helping people know Jesus and grow as His followers. Our team continues to push forward with efforts to return to in-person music ministry when it’s safe to do so, and to develop video/online resources for where in-person concerts are not yet possible.

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