A family update…

When we started out this whole adventure with Cru in 2003, Jennifer and I were in our early 30s and our daughters were in the early single-digits. Sarah was 3; Rachel was 5.

(That’s when EVERYONE changes careers to be a missionary and travel as a musician, right? Just when you’ve developed a solid career and have a young family?)

As we did our initial fund-raising and training, and then when I started touring and leading bands all around the world, the girls progressed through elementary and middle schools. As I came off the road (a bit) to lead our team, they went into high school. The last handful of years, as the girls transitioned to college, I’ve begun producing music for Cru events and recordings, and I still travel and perform when there’s opportunity.

In the timespan of my career (thus far) with Cru, the girls have gone from being toddlers to becoming adults.

In the Spring of 2020, Rachel graduated from Indiana University. Sadly, all the ceremonies were cancelled due to the pandemic, so there was no in-person celebration. That was a huge letdown! She has gone on to work for a highly-regarded camp here in Indiana, where she helps lead various programs with outdoor education for kids and young leaders, and she’ll also lead the camp’s creative arts center this summer. It’s what she went to school for, and exactly what she wants to be doing.

And just a few days ago on May 15th, Sarah graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  She moves to Lexington, Kentucky here in the next couple of weeks to begin her career.

Thanks to academic and need-based scholarships, degree-related grants, work-study programs and some strategic belt-tightening on our part, neither of them had to borrow more than 10% of the total cost of their education. I think that’s the part I’m most thankful for – both of them are getting a solid start to their careers without a crushing debt load.

Of course, we’re immensely proud of both of them. But it’s hard to believe our little girls are all grown up!

Along with being a huge part of our ministry, you’ve been a huge part of how God has provided for our family as we raised two daughters into adulthood, and we just can’t thank you enough for being part of this 19-year (and counting) adventure with us!

Please pray
…for Sarah as she moves and begins her career. We’ve been dealing with the logistics of finding a place for her to live and moving…  and then she’ll start getting settled into her job. Pray that Jennifer and I can give her all the help we can as we help her leave the nest!