A challenging time…

For the last week and a half, I was out in Ft. Collins, Colorado at Cru’s National Staff Conference.  Every other year, all 5000 or so of Cru’s U.S. staff gather to hear from our leadership, to be inspired by guest speakers and artists, and to experience corporate worship and community.

It was exhausting, but it was an amazing time of inspiration and challenge as our leadership steers into the organizational challenges that Cru is facing. Some are internal; Cru’s Campus Ministry, which is where our team fits in (and Cru’s largest division) is going through a massive internal reorganization to better resource and enable our staff in the field. And some are external, like how we approach our calling to reach every person of every culture with the Gospel.  Now more than ever, that includes some cultural issues that require a very specific and nuanced approach.

For example, ministry to college students in Nebraska should look different than ministry to Muslims in other countries. Tension between the majority culture and ethnic minorities means ministry in just about every setting requires ongoing education, empathy and understanding.

It’s encouraging to see Cru taking very intentional steps to be effective in an increasingly ethnically diverse world. That includes constantly updating our methods, educating our people, and evolving our leadership. We must have as many voices as possible at the leadership table as we develop strategies, resources and partnerships.

As it pertains to our team, both I and my leaders continue to be excited about the potential for music and performing artistry to reach people for Christ. As I mentioned, we’re involved in a sweeping internal reorganization. I’m hopeful for what that process will lead to in the long term, but it will take time to work through the details; an organization this large doesn’t turn on a dime. It likely will have some implications for me and my role, but it’s not all settled yet – I should have more details and be able to share more about that in our next update. 

As difficult as change and reorganization can be, I’m encouraged – the issues we’re addressing in this conference, and the willingness to radically re-organize when needed, demonstrate Cru’s unflinching dedication to doing whatever it takes to get the gospel to everyone, in every culture.  

You’re part of that with us through your sacrifices of finances and prayer, and we’re grateful!

Please pray…
Pray that Cru’s staff will all come away from our conference both refreshed and challenged as God helps us evolve. I am excited to see Cru moving and growing in effectiveness. But, please pray for wisdom and guidance as we walk through the implications of this for me and our team!