Shifting gears

Well, blue sky nine is done with our spring tours, and I am already shifting through gears pretty quickly getting ready for Keynote’s Summer Project.

Summer Project is where we bring students in from all over the country to do an internship of sorts. They’ll get put into bands – and they’ll also get training in public speaking/communications skills and a ton of other stuff, along with rehearsals. Then, they do 3 week concert tour where they will get to play music, tell stories and share how their relationship with Christ has changed their lives. 

It’s a whirlwind, for them and for us!

I’ll be serving as music director/producer for one of the bands, which means selecting music, charting it out, running rehearsals, and everything else it takes to transform 7 complete strangers into a road-ready band.

Even as the Summer Project ramps up, the blue sky nine fall touring calendar is coming together. We’ll be out west (Colorado, Arizona, etc.) for a while and then in Romania (no kidding!) for most of October. That will be cool.

Finally… we’ll do a showcase concert at East Street Studios as part of the Summer Project. So, if you’re in the Indy area, swing by for that. But if you can’t make it, it will be webcast live – so keep an eye out here, or at the blue sky nine website for details.