52 days with Covid-19: A Naylor family update!

Well, last month I spoke too soon. In my last post, I told you I’d almost recovered from Covid-19. I did eventually experience full relief from the symptoms, but I continued to test positive for the virus for three more weeks.

Because of that, we had Jennifer tested and she tested positive as well, sending us into home-quarantine mode for her. Just recently, we all got retested and thankfully, all 4 of us now test negative for the virus.

We were able to have Rachel and Sarah tested for the presence of the Covid-19 antibodies, and they both tested positive. So while Jennifer and Rachel only ever had a fever briefly, and Sarah never had any symptoms, all 4 of us ended up getting the virus despite our best efforts to quarantine and wear masks and disinfect everything. But now, we’re all clear and all symptom-free and back to health – HUGE answer to prayer!!

All in all, it was 42 days between when I became infected with Covid-19 to when I finally tested negative for the presence of the virus. It was another 10 days before Jennifer tested negative.

During those 52 days, Rachel (who is now 22) finished her spring internship and graduated from Indiana University. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Public, Non-Profit and Community Recreation, and has her sights set on a career in programming and leadership in outdoor education and camp settings. Of course, both her graduation ceremony AND her summer plans to work at a camp here in Indiana got cancelled, but we’re taking the wins when they come – we’re very proud of her!

During that time, Sarah (who is now 20) finished her sophomore year studying engineering at Purdue University. She just enrolled for 11 credit hours of classes over the summer because… well, might as well take some more online classes if everything else is shut down!

Also during that time, we turned the space above our fireplace mantle into a prayer wall where we can keep the needs of family, friends and others constantly before us. If you have anything specific you’d like us to pray for, we’d love to add a colored sticky note to our wall and pray for you! Shoot us a call or email to let us know.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you support our ministry with Cru through prayer or finances or both. Please know we’re praying for you as well during this difficult season – we’re praying for your health and protection, and most of all, that you experience the presence and peace of Christ during this time!

Please pray
…for our team as we continue to find ways to serve with music and worship in this era of postponed events, cancelled outreach concert tours, and more video calls than any of us ever imagined. Next month, I’ll share what we’ve been up to and the ways we’re able to continue lifting up Christ on every stage, even when the stage is a screen.