“The whole weekend changed my heart stance…”

Our team places a pretty high value on equipping the next generation of musicians to serve the Lord with their talents. One of the most meaningful ways we do that is by providing training events for the students who lead musical worship in Cru’s college movements.

In September in Indianapolis, and just a few days ago in Minneapolis, we hosted “Worship Arts Weekend” events where we bring in students from all over the region and give them biblical and practical training. We teach instrumental clinics, seminars on how to arrange music and run rehearsals, and sessions that help them keep their hearts on God while also bringing excellence in their planning and performance.

When done well, musical worship can be one of the most memorable elements of a campus weekly meeting, and can be a huge catalyst for life change and growth. But, when done poorly, it can become a placeholder, something that just gets done because they’ve always done it. Or worse, it can repel people, cause division, or become a joyless burden for those who do it.

Our training weekends are often a game-changer for the students who attend them, but don’t take my word for it – here are some comments from our recent events:

  • “The whole weekend changed my heart stance…”
  • “This is one of my favorite weekends of the year.”
  • “Thank you all so much for all of the hard work it takes to make it happen. It has really helped shape how I worship both on stage and off.”
  • “Keep doing this. It’s awesome.”

We believe that when musical worship is done with excellence, humility and authenticity, it helps build stronger movements on campuses – which ultimately means that more people come to know and love Jesus.

I wish you could be here and see it – there are so many “A-ha!” moments as they get the benefit of our many years of experience, which includes both encouragement from our successes, as well as wisdom from our mistakes! It’s a joy to send students back to their campuses who are better equipped for a lifetime of serving the Lord with their talents.

We’re grateful for your partnership. Thanks, as always, for sacrificing so we can continue to take steps of faith and see God use our efforts for His kingdom.

Please pray…
…for the 80 or so students that we trained in Indianapolis and Minneapolis. Making changes can be hard, so we’re praying that God will empower them as they go back to their campuses and lovingly implement the things they learned while they were with us.