Home from India

AutorickshawWell, we’re all back home from the Stone 2013 India tour.

All in all, we did:
18,400 miles (by planes, trains, automobiles, and rickshaws)
25 days on the road

12 Concerts
5 music/ministry workshops
Performed in 3 different cities, and
Shared the gospel with 7600 people,who were mostly Hindu and Muslim college students.

Made 6 visits to KFC, which (inexplicably) was the western franchise restaurant we saw the most and was, thus, our ‘go-to’ place when we need a break from Indian food. (That’s about 5 more times than I have eaten at a KFC in the last 5 years.)

It was a great time, and our partners in ministry in India are THRILLED with how it went.

After one particular concert at a college, onestonefrombehind of the Indian Campus Crusade for Christ (ICCC) staff guys in the campus ministry told me “Without you, we have no way onto the campus.” So our concerts, in addition to sharing about Jesus, have the longer-term effect of helping the campus ministry staff gain access to students on campuses they could never get to before. They can continue the conversations we started!

And, we gave them a vision for a new ministry. ICCC now wants to start their own band performing western rock music in English, and telling stories and sharing the gospel the way we do. We’ll be talking about sending some training teams back there next year, so… this was probably NOT my last trip to India.

I turned around after a day and a half at home and went to Minneapolis to help run a Worship Arts Conference and held auditions for the band for a huge student conference later this year. I was REALLY tired, but it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to influence students musicians to use their art for eternal purposes! So I didn’t really get back home until 6 days AFTER we landed in the U.S.  Now, I’m catching up on some work around the house (which, I think, is a blessing to Jennifer!) and resting a bit.

For a couple of weeks anyway…