A thousand words…

No – it’s not the value of a picture.
a thousand words
It’s the latest song and video produced by the team of artists I work with at Keynote. In addition to live performances, we develop music and video content for online audiences – which means we can reach people with our music and stories no matter where they may be!

Recently, our team recorded a song called ‘A Thousand Words’, co-written and performed by one of our team’s long-time singer/storytellers, Teresa Touma. The song is about, in Teresa’s own words, “…a really dark time in my life when a significant relationship ended. It’s just the blood and guts of how I felt at the time.”

The goal was to write an honest song about the way it feels when a significant relationship ends – which is something MANY of us can relate to. How God met her in the midst of her pain is a big part of her story. BUT… for the song, we just wanted to tell the honest, painful part, to connect with people who have experienced that same pain.

I believe that when people can trust that we’re being completely honest about our lives, they’ll be more likely to trust us when we talk about our faith.

So, we recorded the song, and produced a video for it, and we’re using the video to start conversations where we can share where healing and redemption TRULY come from.  Just by sharing the video with friends, you can do the exact same thing!

So… here it is…