2010 in the rear-view mirror

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Yup. It’s the ‘Holiday Update Letter’, only in convenient ‘online’ form.

Here’s the quick re-cap. In 2010, neither of us changed jobs. We didn’t have any more kids. We still have Sophie, the cute-and-comforting-but-useless-as-a-watchdog Bichon. We still live in Fishers. No huge changes.

Now, the longer version…

Scott continues to travel the globe playing music with blue sky nine. Last year, we got to do some amazing work (including an 8-city tour in Romania!) and we saw many, many lives changed for eternity (click here for a video re-cap featuring music from blue sky nine).

Jennifer, when not being a taxi driver for the girls and their activities, continues to ride horses whenever possible and enjoys her girlfriends, and does home-improvement projects while Scott is on tour.

Rachel, who is now 5’5″ and 13, is turning into a beautiful teenager and is enjoying friends, band, and Facebook. It brings my heart great joy to hear her practicing her clarinet even when she doesn’t have an assignment.

Sarah, who is 11, is becoming quite the seamstress and continues to crack us up with her sense of humor. (Jennifer adds that Sarah gets her sewing skills from her great grandmother, not her mom!)

It’s been a challenging year for us on a lot of levels as well. Raising kids is never easy – and me being on the road as much as I am doesn’t make it easier. The continued economic downturn has made some aspects of our ministry a challenge as well. We consider it a great privilege to do what we’re called to do, but nothing worth doing comes without some sort of sacrifice.

But as difficult as some of those moments were/are/will be, none of them are a surprise. And the truth is, a year without trials and challenges would be pretty darn boring. As we’ve continued to trust God in those situations, it has allowed us to see His character. (And hopefully, it makes our character a little more like His…)

And for all of that, we’re extremely grateful. We’ve had an amazing and blessed year, and we’re praying the same for you in 2011.

Drop us a line any time… we’d love to hear from you!