Asian tour details… sort of

blue sky nine heads out for tour in Asia next week.  Here’ s our itinerary (I’ll keep it up to date when it changes). I’ll try to keep updates happening as long as we have Internet access. Seoul is pretty wired, but we have no idea what to expect in UlaanBaatar.  We’ll see.

29 – Fly to Seoul, South Korea
30 – Arrive in Seoul  (13 hrs ahead of Indiana time)

1 – Connect with Korean hosts for 2nd leg of tour while in country
2 – Fly to Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia (12 hours ahead of Indiana time) – Orientation w/ Mongolian team

3 – Campus Concert –
4 – Prison show in Dzuunharaa
5 – Training –  We’ll provide audio engineering and strategic training
6 – Participate in CCC’s ‘World Wide Day of Prayer’ in UlaanBaatar
7 – Concert for Medical professionals – ~500 doctors are being invited to this event.This event is also being videotaped for cable TV
8 – Concert for teachers
9 – Concert for military officers  – Several hundred military officials should be in attendance.
10 – Concert at Vision Dinner (this event was rescheduled for the Spring)
11 – Concert in Erdenet city  – We’ll do a 6-hour drive and then play
12 – Meet with Mongolian team to debrief the tour 
13 – Concert for military (this event was cancelled due to band illness) 

14 – Say goodbye to the Mongolian staff; fly to Seoul, South Korea

15 – Campus Concert, Gwangju (Channom University)
16 – Campus Concert, Suwon City (Ajou University)
17 – Concert for Sungman Church
18 – Concert for ‘Hallelujah’ Church
19 – Visit the North Korean border  – We will be safe, so don’t worry. We won’t throw anything at the guards…
20 – Campus Concert, Hanyang University

21 – Fly to USA 
22 – Arrive home!