10 years in the rear-view mirror: An update to our ministry partners

Ten years, this month.

It’s been an entire decade since we responded to God’s call to leave behind our ‘normal’ lives to go into vocational missions with Cru and Keynote.

10yr Family Pic_dates

10 years since walking away from Scott’s career in Information Technology, and Jennifer’s career in Social Work. Our jobs were among the first things we were asked to sacrifice for our new calling. They would not be the last.

In 2003, a lot of people thought we were nuts. (Some still do.)
People have said this was a ‘phase’.
People have told us I (Scott) was being reckless with our family’s security.

Perhaps. But for what?

In the last decade, I have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles, played hundreds of shows, shared the gospel with tens of thousands of people, and set foot in Asia, Africa, Europe, and India in the process.

We’ve seen thousands and thousands of people take steps in their journey of faith in Jesus Christ. For a great many, we helped them take the first, destiny-changing step on that journey.

Lives changed for eternity. Might be nuts to some, I guess… but, I believe it’s worth every single sacrifice that we (and you!) have made for us to do it.

So now, we’re all 10 years older. As you can see in the picture, we all have more hair (grin), although mine has a lot more grey in it now. (Hey – at 45, I’m just glad it’s still there!) Rachel and Sarah were just 5 and 3 when this whole thing started.

Now, Rachel will be a high-school sophomore. She’s managing the girl’s basketball team, plays percussion in band, and is involved with 2 youth group ministries. She’s recovering from a recent knee surgery, but she’s doing really well (if slow.)

Sarah starts 8th grade this fall. She’s president of her Jr. high school’s chapter of Best Buddies (they serve students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.) She also plays piano and loves to experiment in the kitchen.

Jen and I are well, and trusting God as we parent teenagers and continue in ministry! We head to Colorado next month for Cru’s National Staff Conference, and Scott will head back to India for a 3rd year in a row to do an outreach tour this fall.

So… now, we have 10 years of ministry in the rear-view mirror, and we’re as committed as ever to our calling. We’re glad you are too.

We SO appreciate your partnership with us – thanks for being in our corner!