“Your videos have been a huge blessing!”

In June, our team produced some more videos of worship songs that are being used by Cru campus movements and conferences (above is a screen shot from one we just released).

One campus director recently reached out to us to say “…As we find our movements contracting and growing, we don’t always have enough people to form a band or our band gets exhausted and needs a break…your videos have been a huge blessing to help when it’s not possible! They are well done and easy to follow and very quickly our students shift into singing along with the screen like they would at a conference.”

It’s funny – projects we began because of the pandemic have continued to serve our movements in ways we hadn’t expected, which is why we’ve kept producing them!

All of our video content is online at www.vimeo.com/crumusic.

Here in July, Cru is having its U.S. National Staff Conference (which we just call ‘Cru22’) in Milwaukee. I’m serving as music director for a team that will lead worship for all of Cru’s Campus Ministry staff (around 3000 or so) for our time together during the conference. The worship team is composed of people from Cru Music, people from the Campus Ministry, and some college students from Cru movements we’ve met along the way.

Since the team is made of people from different parts of Cru in various parts of the country, the 2 onsite rehearsal days before the event will be the first time many of the musicians and vocalists have ever actually been in the same room or met each other.

Fortunately, a lot of the conference events and projects that I direct music for come together this way, so it’s not as daunting as it seems.

Well, maybe it is, just a bit. 🙂

Because of the pandemic, it has been 3 years since we’ve been able to do this. I’m looking forward to being together with all of Cru’s staff and seeing what God has for us – in the teaching times, worship sessions, and in hearing from our leadership.

I’m certain I’ll have lots share from that in our next letter. In the meantime, thanks (as always!) for the prayer and sacrifices you’re making. More than just propel us, they connect you directly to what God is doing through our work!

Please pray…

There are a million moving parts to a conference event this large and it’s easy to get stuck in the minutiae. Please pray that I (and our team) will keep our eyes on the bigger picture of who Jesus is and not miss opportunities to focus people on that, while navigating the specific complexities of our role.