Will you help us prepare for 2021?

Last year, our seasonal outreach band Anthem City performed to nearly 3000 people, most of whom were incarcerated in various correctional facilities throughout Indiana. 942 of those people indicated making decisions to either begin following Jesus, or to recommit their lives to him as a direct result of their concerts. One of those people was Christopher, a resident at the Westville Correctional facility. He told he band, “Thank you so very much for coming today. I have been really going through a lot and had considered giving up and taking my own life. I cried through most of the concert. I see the light and love of Jesus in you.”

Anthem City on the set of their video shoot

Right now, Anthem City is preparing to release a concert video in December that will be shown in many of the same facilities this year, since a conventional tour can’t happen because… well, you know. Their video will potentially reach many, many people than before, since it will be viewable via technology that most residents in the correctional facilities have access to. Their impact won’t be limited to just those in the room when they perform! 

Whether we get to minister in person, or lead worship through online conferences, or use short music videos and stories to start conversations, we’re still able to make Christ known using music – it just looks different than it used to! But no matter how they happen, it is your partnership that made each of those performances, videos and conversations possible. Thank you for helping the Christophers of the world find the eternal hope of the gospel, and healing in this world as well.

As we look to 2021, our team will have even more opportunities to grow and re-imagine how we do ministry. Of course, we’re praying to return to in-person musical performances, worship training events and other ‘regular’ ministry. But in the mean time, we’re trusting God in new ways each week!

As we close out 2020, I’d like to invite you pray specifically about giving a special year-end gift to help us start off 2021 more fully funded and focused. A donation of $500, $250, or $100 (or any other amount) would bless us greatly and help us be ready for whatever changes inevitably come. Thank you for considering this. You may use the enclosed envelope to send in your donation. If giving by check, please make your check payable to “Cru.” Or, if you prefer, you can give on the web at http://give.cru.org/0546266

We consider it a great privilege to share our prayer needs as well as our financial needs with you. However the Lord may lead you to respond, we are grateful and take comfort in knowing you are standing with us for the gospel!