“For me personally, I was in tears…”

I have been amazed at how Cru’s staff have been able to innovate and adapt when it comes to reaching students and equipping people for ministry in ways that accommodate social-distancing requirements. For our team, this has continued to mean we are creating resources for worship to happen in training and other meetings where we would have normally led in person.

Earlier this month, we released a couple of video worship segments that were created for one of Cru’s events that trains short-term international missionaries. Travel currently has restrictions, but they’re still being trained and prepared so they can go as soon as possible.

We heard back from Craig, a fellow staff member involved in that training event, who saw the video worship sessions that were used as part of their meetings. He told us: “I was a part of the first day of the Int’l Briefing, and I saw the musical worship video you and your team did — outstanding work! It was really beautiful. For me personally, I was in tears, and the Lord really ministered to me through it.”

Despite the challenges, the Lord is still using us (our team, and all of Cru!) to help reach people around the world. If you’d like to see the video content we have, there are a handful of videos including the worship sessions online at http://vimeo.com/cruartist

My role has continued to be producing the audio for those projects, and I’ve also continued to work on another project – a live worship album from Cru’s Winter Conferences. At two of those conference events last year, we had student-led worship teams, and we recorded all of the music with plans to release an album later this year.

Currently, we’re working to bring students back in to re-record parts where the live recording had engineering or other issues. But… Cru’s offices and studio are not yet reopened. The photo above is my remote recording setup in a friend’s small studio that I’ve been able to use. Please pray that we can continue to find ways to safely travel and meet the students in order to finish this project! It is proving to be quite the challenge, but it is a huge blessing for them to participate in, and hopefully a blessing to those who will hear it.

Please pray for our team as we adapt to the restrictions and lack of access. Pray that God will continue to help us to do as much as we can with what we have in the season we’re in! And also pray for our team’s protection – so far, I am the only one from our team to have Covid-19, and we’d love it to stay that way!