“Christmas in prison generally stinks; Christmas during a pandemic in prison REALLY stinks…”

Last month, I mentioned our outreach band Anthem City (shown below). This year, their Christmas ‘tour’ of correctional facilities took the form of a concert video, which was made available in December to be viewed by the residents using tablet computers.

The Director of Religious Services for the Indiana Department of Corrections recently joined our team on a video meeting and told us that Anthem City’s concert video was viewed 60% more than any other programming the residents could watch, and the video was viewed over 13,000 times. This is the 5th year for us to partner with them, and he told us that we have developed an awesome reputation for quality and relevance, for both the concert and the gospel presentation. He told us that it was usually about March or April that people start asking “Is Anthem City coming back this year?”

And then he told us “Christmas in prison generally stinks; Christmas during a pandemic in prison REALLY stinks.” So he was very glad to make our video available, because people who could never attend an in-person concert (due to Covid or other restrictions) now had access to a concert video with a clear presentation of the gospel.

He said they’re already hoping Anthem City can come back again for in-person concerts next Christmas.

So are we!

Now, I’m getting music ready for a 2- day online Winter Conference for college students. It’s the same one I usually work in December. Cru normally hosts about 7 of these events regionally, but this year it was changed to be a single, shorter online event. That happens February 5-6th; I’ll share more about that next month.

At the same time, we are releasing a live album of worship songs recorded at last year’s Winter Conferences in Minneapolis and Indianapolis. My role was to produce the music for the Indianapolis conference, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours working with the producer of the Minneapolis event so we can release a combined live album from both conferences.

It’s called “Winter Conference Live – Minn+Indy” and will be available on all streaming music platforms February 5th. Just search Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming music platform for “Worship Network of Cru” as the name of the artist, and you’ll find it. Or, click here to pre-save it on the platform of your choice.

Please pray
…for all the logistics of our online student conference – over 5000 students are registered to participate, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses this in place of an actual in-person experience. And, we’re praying that the live album will give people a musical reminder of what it was like to worship with 1500 of their friends in the same room!