“…I grew so much as a worship leader and musician.”

There are hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of Cru weekly meetings that happen on college campuses throughout the U.S., and the students themselves lead musical worship in nearly all of them. While Cru’s campus ministry staff are well- equipped to help students follow Jesus and grow as disciples, they don’t always have the resources to coach the student musicians who have a passion for leading their peers in worship.

Fortunately, our team does!

Late in February, our team went to western Pennsylvania to host a Worship Arts Weekend for a few dozen college student worship leaders from colleges throughout the area. We taught them in biblical aspects of worship and helped them develop a proper heart stance of responsibility and humility, as well as taught them practical things like how to run rehearsals, how to re-arrange the music to fit the instrumentation, and we gave them real-time coaching as bands, helping them fine-tune their team performances.

We had the worship teams make up band names for themselves, and we made them posters (a few are shown above). Some of that is because it’s just fun, but also because seeing themselves as a band makes them take their work more seriously. And… they loved it!

We also do instrumental training clinics. Itwasabitofachallengeformetodoa guitar clinic, since this was 3 days after having my carpal tunnel surgery (more on that in a minute), but it went well.

In a post-conference evaluation form, a student named Daniel told us: “Our coaches pushed us, but in a way that was fun and meaningful. There was not a single moment in time where I didn’t have a genuine smile on my face.”

Kyle, another student, said: “We were pushed outside of our comfort zones, and I grew so much as a worship leader and musician.”

We host these events 2-3 times a year and it’s always fun to see the students have visible ‘a-ha!’ moments as they grow individually and learn to lead others in worship with greater skill and joy.

Ok, so about my left hand. My carpal tunnel release surgery was in late February, and recovery is going really well. I’ll still have several weeks of physical therapy, but I have now been cleared to resume playing guitar at a ‘normal’ workload. Which is very good news, because I’m in the process of putting a band together for an outreach tour in May…. in Australia! More on that next time.

We’re grateful to see tangible evidence of God moving in the work we do, and even more grateful for the sacrifices you make that make it possible!

Please pray…
We’re putting the band together, selecting music, planning flights, and everything else necessary for the Australian outreach tour. Join us in praying that all those plans go smoothly, and that the Australian Cru staff (with whom we’re partnering) experiences joy, peace and success in putting together the shows for us to play!